About the Green Gap

What does/should Toronto’s emerging green economy look like, and how can this contribute toward closing the employment gap between racialized and non-racialized communities? And how do we get there?

In order to answer these important questions, we are connecting with organizations and individuals across the green jobs sector. These include 6 key stakeholder groups: green business leaders and employers; green energy and green jobs policy informants; labour organization and trade union representatives; and green job training program organizers. The final two groups are green job seekers who are members of diverse racialized communities: one group representing those with postsecondary degrees and specialized training, and a second group representing those without advanced qualifications.

Through in-depth interviews and focus groups, we will explore a wide variety of perspectives around the definitions of what constitutes a “green” job, and how to meaningfully engage diverse communities in this emerging job market.

A printable summary of this research project is available here.

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