Research Partners

We also work closely with a Research Advisory Committee (RAC), composed of members of a variety of “green-focused” public, private and community organizations whose work links to the labour market in the Greater Toronto Area.

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greenchangelogoJane Finch Centre Green Change Project

An initiative launched by  Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre, a community-based organization driven by passion, innovation, and a strong commitment to social justice, community engagement, and collaboration.  Once completed, it will become The Centre for Green Change, which will facilitate multi-purpose workshops, meeting rooms, community kitchen and spaces  to engage the building’s tenants and the broader community on opportunities and challenges posed to an emerging green economy. To learn more about the Green Change Project, visit main website, and follow community engagement work on social media,



FutureWatch EDEP, is a community-based organization which aims to connect people living in a diverse and mulitcultural society to experience their local (mostly urban) natural environment as a starting point to address pressing environmental issues. They create opportunities for new and old Canadians to create a dialogue, to promote communication and knowledge sharing, to build awareness, participate in outdoor recreation and nature appreciation which can ultimately lead to an increase in involvement and inclusion in Canadian society. Current projects/initiatives responding to opportunities and challenges in Toronto’s green economy and workforce include: Greening the Settlement Sector and Green Employment Services.


lcslogoLabour Community Services, Toronto

Labour Community Services (LCS) of Toronto is a community-based partnership project of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council and United Way of  Greater Toronto.  LCS works with various stakeholders in labour and the community to promote healthy communities through union engagement, coordinate and engage in community initiatives addressing social injustice and economic disparities in local economy, facilitates union and community members to meet in forums and seminars and develop workplace educational programs.

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