Research Team

The Green Gap research team is a group of multidisciplinary social science researchers contributing a variety of experiences, perspectives, and skills. Collectively, their research expertise spans issues of environmental justice (Teelucksingh, Poland); income inequality (Galabuzi, Ng, and Teelucksingh); energy systems (Teelucksingh; Poland); and community-based qualitative methods (all).


Dr. Cheryl Teelucksingh  (Principal Investigator):

teelucksinghcCheryl is an Associate Professor at Ryerson University, in the Sociology Department and a member of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies. In addition to her undergraduate teaching in the Sociology Department, she also teaches graduate students in the Immigration and Settlement Graduate Program and has been a member of supervisory teams for graduate students in the Environmental Science and Management Graduate Program. Over the last fifteen years, her pioneering research has focused on examining the relationship between environmental justice in Canada and concerns for social inequality within the urban context. A SSHRC-funded grant entitled “Who Has the Power? The Energy Crisis and Environmental Justice in Toronto” is currently being completed (B. Poland and S. Wakefield co-applicants). In 2008-2010, she was a co-director of the Environment Health Justice Research Interest Group, which was funded by the Centre for Urban Health Initiatives through a CIHR sub-grant and housed at Ryerson University.


Dr. Blake Poland (Co-Investigator):

BlakePhotoBlake is an associate professor in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and in the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto; Director of the Collaborative Program in Community Development; Senior Fellow at the Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research; and former co-director (with Cheryl Teelucksingh) of a Toronto-based urban environmental health justice research group (Centre for Urban Health Initiatives). His current funded research includes the SSHRC-funded study of the emergence of the Transition Towns movement in Canada, a social movement response to climate change, rising energy prices, environmental degradation, and economic instability. He is also active in the community, as co-founder and lead organizer of 5 ENGOs in Halton Region, and has been an active, invited participant in expert working groups /expert panels for the Canadian Health Council, CPHA, IUHPE, PHAC, TPH, and others. Dr. Poland has a strong record of funded research and publication in health promotion, community health development, and qualitative research methods. He is well known internationally for his work on the settings approach in health promotion and has co-authored a number of papers on environmental justice and energy justice with Cheryl Teelucksingh. To learn more about Dr. Poland’s teaching and research areas related to Toronto’s green economy visit: Transition Town Emerging Study,Healthier Cities & Communities Symposium 2013 and Collaborative Masters Program in Community Development (CDCP), University of Toronto.


Dr. Grace-Edward Galabuzi (Co-Investigator):

geg_pic_biggerGrace-Edward is an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration, and a member of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University. Dr. Galabuzi is also a Research Associate at the Centre for Social Justice in Toronto. He is the author of several books, including “Canada’s Economic Apartheid: The Social Exclusion of Racialized Groups in the New Century” (CSPI, 2006). His research interests include the experiences of recent immigrants and racialized groups in the Canadian labour market, the racialization of poverty, social exclusion and the impact of global economic restructuring on local communities. Currently, he is one of the principal investigators on the Income Security, Race and Health research project in Black Creek (Jane-Finch area) and a lead investigator on two SSHRC-funded five-year CURAs, one on Anti-Poverty Community Organizing and Learning CURA and the other on Precarious Employment in the Greater Toronto Area. He is also an active member of the social justice community in Toronto and has been involved in a variety of social justice campaigns.


Dr. Winnie Ng (Co-Investigator):

NgWinnie is a labour rights activist and scholar. She joined Ryerson University in January 2011 as the CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy– the only union-endowed chair at a Canadian university. The Chair’s mandate is to create a hub of interaction between social justice activists and academics at Ryerson. It is a cross appointment between the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Community Services. Winnie has extensive expertise in the social justice field and research interests in anti-racism, equality, and coalition and capacity building. For over three decades, she has championed the rights of workers through her involvement with various labour organizations and networks. She is currently the co-chair of the Good Jobs for All Coalition, a broad-based alliance of community, labour and environmental groups, which has initiated a “Green Jobs for All at Hydro” campaign. She brings to this project her expertise in the area of coalition- building and extensive networks with diverse communities.


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