Publications and Presentations

publications-buildingtoronto-784x1024Teelucksingh & Zeglen (2016). Building Toronto: Achieving Social Inclusion in Toronto’s Emerging Green Economy. Toronto: Metcalf Foundation. 

This paper illustrates how an inclusive green economy founded on high labour standards has the possibility to improve community wellbeing while it strengthens environmental sustainability. Employment equity, community benefits agreements, and social enterprises are presented as three interrelated tools to support the transition to a socially inclusive green economy. Recommendations on implementing these tools effectively within Toronto’s current economic context, as well as how the city can embed social equity into its current and future green development strategies, are provided.

Teelucksingh & Zeglen (2016). Leap into a Green Economy with Good Jobs for All! Toronto: Good Jobs for All Coalition (GJFA).

This clip features a presentation given by the principal investigator, Cheryl Teelucksingh, and the project coordinator, Laura Zeglen, of the Green Gap Project discussing the tools needed to support a just transition to a green economy and recommendations for how social equity can be embedded into Toronto’s green development initiatives moving forward. This presentation was part of a City of Toronto Round Table Green Job Strategy Discussion hosted by the Good Jobs for All Coalition (GJFA) on February 29, 2016 at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management.

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